Joint Open Source Roadmap Alliance


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Joint Open Source Roadmap Alliance

Josra is an alliance that supports the members in feeling safe when they are dependent on Open Source tools in their software development process. By pooling together interests, resources, genuine needs and Open Source experts with lots of good community karma, Josra facilitates best practices and joint development on the Open Source tool that is shared among the members.

Being SAFE - while being dependent on Open Source

Together with our clients we release almost everything we create as Open Source. We have more than 30 Open Source repositories on GitHub, representing technologies ready to share with others and we are the maintainers of more than 10 plugins on Jenkins CI - all best broker in singapore Open Source. When companies use Open Source tools in their tool stack they also need to have a strategy on how to actively make sure that the dependency doesn’t turn into a vulnerability. The tools need directions and they need maintenance if they are broken. As a Open Source user you can either be an innovator or a free-rider. A free-rider will simple sit it out and wait for someone else to fix the problem. An innovator will join the community and fix the issue or add the feature himself.

Josra enables the members to contribute by proxy, meaning that JOSRA members can take on the role as innovator both through influencing the roadmaps of the tools maintained by the alliance and by exploiting the support and development cases included in the membership. This influence can be exercised without actually having to re-school employees away from the what is cryptocurrency trading core business domain and into becoming Open Source experts. Praqma has substantial Open Source community karma. This is our business. We will do it for you.

The idea behind the concept

The idea behind JOSRA was born from our long experience with developing, hosting, and maintaining an application jointly requested by the 8-10 largest Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) in Denmark. These NGO’s all have that in common, that they are allowed to do house-to-house collections in order to raise capital for their charity work. These NGO’s needed an efficient route planner for planning the collection routes for the volunteers. Praqma has developed and for the past six yeas maintained “Rut”. The experiences we have gained from joggling demands from many different parties into a shared platform was something that we wanted to utilize to create something similar for Open Source.

Yearly meet-ups and online roadmaps

One time every year the JOSRA alliance members are invited to a whole-day meet-up. Each alliance member is entitled and encouraged to send two participants; A geek and a chief. We share experiences and visions and after lunch we split up, so while chiefs plan roadmaps geeks do hackathons - in the evening we eat-up and drink-up together.

Between meetings, all tools in the JOSRA tool stack are being discussed and innovated through different Trello boards made available to all alliance members. More lengthy discussions and general feed-back can be communicated at the “Joint Open Source Roadmap Alliance” LinkedIn group.


Praqma is business partner with both the Computer Science Department of University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School. Since we started our company in 2007 we have hosted more than 20 interns and we believe that the best way to teach and challenge these young students is to raise the bar so high that it’s just barely within reach. We ask them to setup cryptocurrency broker a continuous delivery pipeline, develop something useful and release it to an open source community. Not seldom does this approach actually lead to a foundation for something that later can be matured into becoming wide spread successes.

The ClearCase UCM plugin for Jenkins CI was first released as a Proof-Of-Concept by two students and today the plugin is used by close to 300 companies.

All the internships that Praqma are hosting and supervising will continue to aim at producing some kind of added value to the tools in the JOSRA tool stack under our guidance. So in the end your alliance fees does not only buy yourself benefits but also support next-generation programmers to meet real life challenges.

What’s in the box?

The annual membership fee - will give you a pile of benefits and support and cover support and development in a lot of different Open Source technologies - including Jenkins CI.


If you are interested in joining JOSRA or if you have any questions, please contact Lars Kruse ( / +45 2087 2530)